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There are several teachers who try to incorporate technology into student learning in various ways. As projects go on-line, this page will be updated.

This page also includes links to curriculum being covered in class (math practice, French practice, etc.)


Make a wordle!

                           Math links                                             Primary class links

symmetry activity

Symmetry game

Arcademic You can even play it on your Wii!

Interactive Clock

New! (fractions, decimals, estimating, rounding) Read through the list for the activity which fits your math class.

funbrain number pattern game

Number Pattern game crack the code - many,many activities!


translations(les glissements) /rotations/reflections

Practice math facts timed games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Space Shuttle Launch (practice addition, subtraction, mult. division)

Save the apples (practice math facts) interactive games for multiplication


mathematiques magiques- 6e annee

Mental math games for at home

Math Stax. Kind of like tetris!

Using arrays to multiply/ multiplier à l'aide des matrices (lesson3)

Adding fractions with unlike denominators

Equivalent Fractions (naming)

Phonetics and blends

single letter sounds


Upper Case and Lower Case Matching

Christmas Activities

Literacy center French activities primary

Identifying letter sounds in French

Christmas message in French












French Links

Tumblebooks in French!

A list of French sites for parents

ikipedia (Wikipedia en français)

Canadian Atlas

Canadian Encyclopedia   

French Audio Dictionary 

French Grammar

Verb conjugation 

les jeux en français pour pratiquer les verbes



       Resources for our grade four study of Nunavut

Ecokids Activities

Click on the link you want

Chain Reaction

Arctic Animals quiz

Wildlife games

The North Activities

Construire un reseau alimentaire

Build a food web

Nunavut- Inuit art

Art Inuit

National Gallery of Canada






How to build an igloo (17 minutes)

The Inukshuk






Links to help you search for Australian Animals

NSW Parks and Wildlife list of Australian Animals

ABC tv Australian Animals

Unique Australian Animals

Kidcyber- Australian Animals sur 'Faune en haut de la page et choisis l'animal désiré) (Lone pine animal sanctuary (en français) (rechercher les autres animaux à l'aide de wikipedia en français!





India Webquest


Click on the link to view information about India!